There is immediate evidence, something that seems obvious.
And then there is the final high light, witch is, in fact, an idea that has stood for doubt.
For our Franco-Belgian couple, there is first, a real heart blow for Morroco, and then, a real passion for Marrakech.

We wanted to share all these emotions : then, la conciergerie was imposed. But not in a usual form.We wanted to customize and humanize the concept finding osmosis between our aspirations and our experience in hotel business and artistic, management, and retail.

And it was just obvious. Because our heart was in Marrakech, we had to mix oriantal lifestyle and occidental rigor.
It is essence and purpose of La conciergerie de Marie : for Marrakech, simply becomes yours.

Our services


Because rigor is essential.
Because confidence is soothing.
Because experience is reassuring.


Simply easy.
Simply engaged.
Simply confidential.
Simply exclusive.


To realize your desires.
To accelerate your wishes.
To harmonize your plans.
To make your dreams come true.